In the dynamic field of banking and finance, Queen City Law is a distinguished legal partner for a range of financial entities, from established lending institutions to innovative property developers. Our firm is adept at securing interests and facilitating seamless transactions.

Our clients benefit from our deep-seated relationships within the banking sector, which include not only a major contributory mortgage lender but also an extensive network of trading banks and second-tier financiers. This network, fortified by trust and collaboration, allows us to expedite the drawdown of funds, particularly vital in the high-stakes realm of construction financing.

With a notable track record of managing loan advances in the hundreds of millions, our firm's capabilities extend to representing private funders, addressing their security and funding requirements with deftness.

Our aim is to deliver beyond the expected, combining legal insight with financial savvy to craft solutions that not only meet but exceed the strategic goals of our clients.

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Our Banking & Finance Team