QCL’s Visionary Workspace: Fostering Legal Excellence and Teamwork

By Aimee Young

The past few years have been a rollercoaster for all of us, with the shift from office to home and then back again. It was an interesting ride, but during that time QCL was presented with an opportunity to move offices, which gave us the chance to rethink what a great workspace should be. We aimed for a place that complimented our culture - a place where you’d look forward to spending your day.

Despite the challenges of moving in and out of lockdowns and dealing with disrupted supply chains, we have succeeded in creating an office that resonates with our needs: it’s comfortable, welcoming, and a breeding ground for ideas and innovation. It’s not only about aesthetic appeal (which we’ve nailed), but also about a sense of well-being. We’ve included both cozy social spaces and quiet areas for concentration, ensuring we’ve covered all bases.

Our office is designed to inspire everyone to do their best work. It’s a space where voices are heard, participation is encouraged, and everyone feels they’re part of something larger. It’s also equipped to facilitate the exchange of legal insights, craft bespoke legal solutions, and conduct confidential client consultations. The balance we’ve struck allows for effective work, collaboration, and connection—be it a casual conversation in the kitchen, a brainstorming session in a meeting room, or even a friendly (or perhaps competitive) game of table tennis.

"It’s a space where voices are heard, participation is encouraged, and everyone feels they’re part of something larger."

At QCL, we believe that our workspace significantly enhances our collaboration and teamwork—the very essence of a successful law firm. In this environment, by pooling knowledge and sharing resources, our legal professionals can address complex tasks more efficiently and surpass expectations with their results.

We take pride in the workspace we’ve created at QCL, and we’re confident you’ll appreciate it as much as we do. To our friends and clients: if you have not visited us yet at Level 8, 19 Victoria Street West, we warmly invite you to come over, experience the vibrant energy, and embrace the spirit of QCL.