Assisting Filipino Work Visa holders

By Hannah Alcantara | Work Visa | Immigration | Filipino Workers

Following the unfortunate liquidation of the ELE Group in December 2023, a silver lining has emerged. Queen City Law, New Zealand Labour Hire and Immigration New Zealand have come together to support the affected migrant workers, demonstrating the power of unity and compassion in times of crisis.

The ELE Group’s liquidation left hundreds of workers jobless, and in a state of uncertainty. The sudden loss was a significant blow to the workers, the families that rely on them, and the communities that they take part in..

New Zealand Labour Hire: A New Beginning

New Zealand Labour Hire has shown commendable initiative by offering jobs to the affected migrant workers. Their actions have not only provided these workers with a new beginning but also demonstrated their commitment to supporting the work force in times of need.

Queen City Law: A Helping Hand

Queen City Law played a crucial role in assisting 27 migrant workers affected by ELE Group’s liquidation. In this particular situation, Queen City Law stepped in to assist the laid-off migrant workers navigate the legal complexities associated with their sudden job loss.

The firm’s expertise in areas such as Immigration Law and Employment Law were instrumental in this process, helping the workers apply for new work visas to help them remain in New Zealand legally and allow them to keep working.

Immigration New Zealand: Fast and Efficient

Immigration New Zealand’s efficient handling of visa approvals, and assistance in the quick turnaround time has been crucial in enabling the migrant workers smooth transition into their new jobs. This efficiency underscores the organisations commitment to supporting migrant workers and facilitating their integration back into the work force.

Queen City Law worked with Immigration New Zealand to help New Zealand Labour Hire navigate through the immigration requirements to come up with a fast and effective solution for those affected by the liquidation.

The combined efforts of Queen City Law, New Zealand Labour Hire, and Immigration New Zealand have turned a potential crisis into an opportunity for resilience and growth. By not only providing swift relief to the affected workers but also contributing to the larger narrative of migrant worker rights and welfare in New Zealand.

The actions taken from all par􀆟es are a testament to the solidarity that defines New Zealand’s approach to migrant workers.

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